Health Insurance Benefits

Before you buy a health insurance plan, make sure you consider the coverage it offers.

Shopping for health insurance presents a variety of options. ACA-compliant plans must provide specific essential services to all insured.

See what health insurance covers.

Pre-existing Conditions

Before the ACA became law, health insurers could discriminate against and deny coverage to individuals with Pre-existing Medical Conditions.

Now, ACA-compliant plans must cover Pre-existing Conditions, including pregnancy.

Discover how health insurance covers your Pre-existing Conditions.

Dental Coverage

Some health insurance policies include a dental plan in the premium. In other cases, you would buy a standalone dental insurance policy on the marketplace.

Find out how much dental insurance costs and how it works for kids and adults.

Preventive Health Coverage

Preventative health services have no cost under ACA-compliant health insurance plans.

Read which preventative services health insurance covers.

Where Can I Get the Lowest Price on Health Insurance?

AARDY is the nation's fastest health insurance market. We can help you find the best health insurance plan. Our service compares Affordable Care Act and Short Term plans so you can find the best fit.


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