Understanding Coverage

Your health insurance covers you for thousands of scenarios.

It's essential to know how your coverage works and how to use it. Some situations like emergencies, work differently than a simple visit to the doctor.

Common Coverage Questions

Typically, health insurance plans cover the same services, but it can vary depending on how comprehensive your policy is. Before you buy and use health insurance, know what it covers, how and where to use it, what you need to know in an emergency, and how to dispute non-covered services.

Find out what your plan covers and how it works.

Seeking Emergency Medical Care

Your health insurance plan may have different rules if you use it for emergency care.

The plan may use a different billing schedule, depending on where you seek emergency care.

Learn more about health insurance for emergency care.

Getting Medical Treatment

How much will you pay out of pocket if you seek medical treatment? How do you find a doctor?

Read more about using your health insurance to receive medical treatment.

Prescription Medication

Find out which prescriptions your plan covers and what to do if it does not pay for something you need.

Learn about Prescription medication.

Health Insurance Appeals

What if you need services or medications your plan does not cover? What recourse do you have?

Discover how the health insurance appeals process works.

Where Can I Get the Lowest Price on Health Insurance?

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